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CareGroups are gospel communities of 6-16 adults who meet together to encourage each other in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Most groups gather together twice per month in a group member’s home to study the God’s Word in community, pray for one another, and enjoy real fellowship. One of the main purposes of CareGroups is for followers ofJesus to develop authentic, sanctifying, grace-filled relationships with other believers at New Covenant Bible Church.


CareGroups have five basic functions:

Progressive Sanctification – CareGroups serve as a place for Christians to experience spiritual growth and to encourage others in their walk with Christ.
Biblical Fellowship – Groups members not only “do life together,” they participate in the gospel together in a variety of ways.
Mutual Ministry – Group members grow in God’s grace by personally serving one another. This is why we call our small groups CareGroups.
Spiritual Gifts Exercised – Within the scope of a CareGroup each person’s spiritual gift can be employed to serve the rest of the group to the glory of God. 
Catalyst for Evangelism & Outreach – CareGroup members encourage one another to share the gospel with their friends and neighbors. They pray together for those who don’t know Christ and pursue outreach in their neighborhood and community. Each group has an Evangelism Advocate who spurs the group on toward this end.

 Breakdown of a Typical CareGroup Meeting

1) Opening Time
- Gathering together and re-connecting
- Worship
- Opening prayer
- Goal: Connect with one another and with the Lord

2) Study Time
- Applicational Bible study
- Discussion-based learning from God’s Word
- Goal: Discover what the text means AND how it applies to my life

3) Mutual Ministry Time
- Prayer and encouragement for those with specific needs
- Develop action plans and ask to be held accountable
- Goal: To apply God’s Word to specific areas of my life

4) Fellowship Time
- Informal fellowship and interaction
- Continued mutual ministry
- Goal: Building relationships with my brothers and sisters in Christ

If you have any questions or if you're interested in joining a group, please contact Pastor Patrick Havens at  You may also contact him in the church office at 630.584.2611.