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Indoor Worship FAQS

When will we start meeting indoors?

Indoor services start Sunday, October 25, at 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM. 

Do I need to register for indoor services?

Yes, please register through our Register for In-person Services page each week by Saturday at 11:59 PM. By registering, you are affirming that you haven't had any symptoms of COVID-19 or been in contact with anyone diagnosed in the last 14 days. "In contact" means close proximity to a person (within six feet), unmasked, for more than 15 minutes. Registering also allows us to maintain guidelines and notify attendees of any last-minute changes or pertinent information.

What precautions are taken?

The seating arrangement of the sanctuary and gymnasium accommodates six feet of space between households. The new seating capacity is 100 people in each room per service. Please allow three empty seats between household units. 

Masks are required while entering the building, finding your seat, mingling with one another, and singing. While listening to the sermon or participating quietly in the service, masks may be removed. 

Services are 60-65 minutes to allow time for disinfecting between services.

Hand sanitizer is available to everyone entering and exiting the building.

Offering is collected and Communion celebrated without passing plates or trays.

Please bring your own Bible, and let us know if you need one you can keep!

Why are you requiring masks at certain times?

Guidance from the CDC and our local health department recommends masks because they help limit the spread of COVID-19 by people who have not yet developed symptoms but are contagious. Some in our congregation are more likely to attend if they know we’ll be wearing masks. Even if you’re not worried about getting sick, this is an act of sacrificial love towards one another and our community.

Activities such as singing can spread droplets; therefore, we require masks at those times in our gathering when the risk of transmission is higher. 

Are children’s classes available?

Yes! New Covenant Kids’ Classes for one year olds through fifth grade are available during the 10:45 AM service only beginning October 25. Spaces are limited, so register for these classes each week (by Thursday at noon) when you register for the church service.

Nursery for infants is not available at this time.

If I come alone, do I need to sit by myself?

If you and your friends are comfortable sitting together, please feel free.

Also consider inviting a friend coming alone to sit with you.

Will we celebrate Communion?

Yes! We treasure this precious remembrance of Christ’s death as a sacrament that proclaims the gospel and ministers God’s sanctifying grace to believers. We plan to celebrate Communion weekly during this season.

Instead of passing the elements, single-serve cups are available in the lobby. If you have examined yourself and are prepared to participate as a believer in Jesus, you may obtain the elements on your way into the service.

I’m not ready or able to resume gathering—will there be a virtual option?

Yes. We know that some people are unable to attend at this time due to personal vulnerability or caring for someone who is vulnerable, and others are simply not ready. If that’s you, feel free to stay home. Our services are Livestreamed live and available on our website to watch later.

Should I stay home if I’m sick?

Yes, please! If you’re feeling unwell, especially if you have a fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please stay home.

How long will these restrictions be in place?

We will continue to pay attention to local health metrics, and regularly reevaluate our practice and precautions in light of COVID-19 prevalence and the recommendations of health authorities.

I have more questions about this—who should I ask?

Please email the Administrative Assistant to the Pastoral Staff, Holly Leeper and we will get back to you as soon as we can.