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Our Global Mission



New Covenant Bible Church believes in making disciples of the nations. When the gospel captivates our hearts, we cannot keep it to ourselves. The more we find our delight in the beauty and the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the more ardently we long for the nations of the world to experience that same joy and delight found in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus is worthy to receive honor, glory, and praise from every tribe, people, tongue and nation. There is no people too distant, no country too difficult and no culture too different where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not to be heard and understood. Thus, New Covenant Bible Church is a church on mission – taking the gospel to our neighbors and to the world through our supported partners and ministries. Some serve right here in our community, some nearby, while others serve across the seas. All are engaged in making disciples of Jesus wherever they serve.

We place a premium on our long-term partners who day in and day out are on the front lines. Thus we intentionally stand with them by prayer, giving, and encouragement. We make periodic visits to their place of service to become better aware of them and their work. We also value short-term project teams. 

Local and global outreach is a whole church endeavor. The entire church participates in one way or another. The entire world is our concern.

Our Global Partners

NCBC Global Outreach Team

Mission Strategy and Policy