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Archives for October 2011

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Prizing God's Presence/Why We Need To Be A Praying People

I am convinced that one of the devil’s wily schemes (of which we are told not to be unaware in 2 Cor. 2:11) is to distract Christ’s church from praying. Samuel Chadwick was right-on-the mark when he wrote: “One concern of the devil is to keep Christians from praying. He fears nothing from prayer-less work, prayer-less studies, or prayer-less religion. H...

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Have You Seen the Promise in God's Commands?

"The law sends us to the gospel that we may be justified. And the gospel sends us to the law again to enquire what is our duty in being justified." (Puritan Samuel Bolton) Our God is both terrifying and beckoning. It is dangerous for a sinful creature to encounter a holy God—we need God to protect us from God! Our journey into Exodus 19-20 makes this truth stunn...

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Are You Hopeless Enough?

Are you hopeless enough to appreciate what Jesus has done for you? Does that seem like an odd question? Do you realize that God is leading your life, and that in a very real way, his goal is to lead you into a place where you are hopeless in yourself, so that you can see with greater clarity the greatness of your salvation in Christ?...

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Motivation to Press On in Reading the Bible for Life

Ralph Shallis, from his book "From Now On": "Some folks say to me: ‘What you are postulating is an impossible target: you really expect too much! Why, the whole Bible in one year! That is perhaps all right for some intellectuals; or for people with time on their hands, but, as for me, I reckon that to read through the Bible through in five years is an adequ...

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