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Archives for August 2011

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Reading the Bible for Life

This Sunday we embark on our journey together through the Bible as we begin the Behold Our God series. On Monday morning (Labor Day), the Bible reading plan begins....

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Behold Our God!

Have you ever wanted to read through the whole Bible, but ended up getting stuck in Leviticus or Numbers? Do you want to understand better what Jesus meant when he said of the Old Testament scriptures, "They testify of me"? (John 5:39). Are you eager to get a better grasp on the grand storyline that ties the whole Bible together, so that you can better unpack for other...

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The Key Issue in God's Preparation of a Leader

Last night I was reading Robert Clinton’s classic, "The Making of a Leader". He shared an insight that flew off the page and lodged a grace-shaped bullet into my heart. It’s simple, but much easier to hear than to apply....

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Jonah Whines, Jesus Weeps

As we wrap-up six weeks in The Gospel According to Jonah, may our adoration and affection for Christ our Savior rise to greater heights. What a stark contrast between Jonah & Jesus!...

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