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Archives for April 2012

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A Prayer for our Second Anniversary

In his sermon, Andy encouraged us to pray, "Lord, let me make a difference for you that is utterly disproportionate to who I am." I wrote it in my Bible, and I've been riveted by that text and that idea ever since....

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The Kernel of the Book of Proverbs

Many people are willing to give God a try; but few people are willing to give God their trust. We like to approach God the way I approach entering into Lake Michigan-I stick my toes in to see how it feels before I'll commit to diving in. Don't we often treat God the same? "If I start to feel better-if my marriage starts to improve-if my financial situation changes-then...

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Christ, the Heavenly Champion

In 1961 J.B. Phillips wrote a powerful little book: "Your God Is Too Small". He asked one question in his study: What is your view of God? Phillip's believed most believers and skeptics alike made the same mistake. We put God in a box. We made Him fit our view. Our God ended up being much smaller than the God revealed in Scripture....

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Easter: Echoes from the Tomb

Leaning forward, you strain to hear. The fresh, cool breeze of the garden morning brushes your cheek. Bending, you look into that open, black-dark mouth of the tomb, its only light the sun's thin finger reaching past your shoulder to touch the corner of a bone box. But the bones for which it waits have changed, gotten up and walked away. No smell of death; only the sweet s...

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