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Archives for July 2012

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Isaac Watts

Isaac Watts The Christian Almanac tells us that Isaac Watts, the English pastor and hymn writer of "Joy to the World," was born in Southampton, England, on July 17, 1674. He wrote over 750 hymns, including the versification of all the psalms....

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Faithfulness: At What Cost?

I'm glad we are reading the prophetic books of the Old Testament together. As Doug Dunton reminded us on Sunday, these prophets were called by God to be living examples of the hard truths they needed to proclaim. In ways that seem strange and bizarre to us (and surely to them as well!), God made these men embody the reality of their message....

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Why Victory May Be Postponed

Have you ever wondered why all your efforts to defeat a particular, recurring sin seem to be thwarted? Lately I've picked up a book by an author I've seen quoted countless times, but until now I had never read his work. His name is Richard Lovelace, and back in the 1980s his writings on the dynamics of spiritual renewal were quite popular....

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