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Archives for October 2013

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Remembering The Reformation

This past Sunday, October 27th, was Reformation Sunday. The intent of marking this day on the Church calendar is to commemorate and celebrate one of the most significant events in Church history: The Reformation of the 16th Century. Taking time to reflect on God’s mighty acts in history is biblical. You find the call to reflect on the great works of God throughou...

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One Lesson From Morocco

Walking back home through the woods, depending on how close the sun was to setting, could be a scary thing if one was alone - lots of rustles in the leaves, the creaking of trees rubbing together in the breeze, branches snapping underfoot, all served to fuel my active imagination and not in a good way. However, if my brother or sister was with me, there was no fear; it was...

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Extravagant Grace

Let’s take a short quiz… True or False: The chief work of the Holy Spirit in sanctification is to make Christians more sin-free. True or False: God could have made us instantly perfect at the first moment of our salvation. True or False: You know you are maturing as a believer when you have less and less conflict with indwelling sin. True or False:...

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Pray For The Children Of Ishmael

Having traveled with Mike Jacoby & Ross Stern to North Africa last week, I am reminded of Abraham’s prayer in Genesis 17:18, “Oh that Ishmael might live before you!”...

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Jeremy Lanphier and the Prayer Revival

The following is an encouraging article that appeared on the daily post of Today in Christian History on September 23, 2013....

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