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Archives for March 2015

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Saving Our Collective Memory

History is important. For when we lose our past we lose a piece of ourselves. It’s like losing our memory. This matter is so important that God speaks of it in his Word. Notice what King David said in Psalm 145:3-5 and 10-12...

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Measuring Success

How do you spell success? How do you go about determining if something or someone is successful? A common answer in our day would be, “Look at the numbers. They will reveal the true story. The numbers will make success or failure very clear.”...

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What To Expect When You Come To Church

When you arrive at church this Sunday, immediately you’ll notice the Sanctuary is set up differently....

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My Testimony

In Romans 1, Paul writes that in the Gospel the “righteousness of God is revealed.” The Gospel reveals how to bring us into relationship with God, into living in alignment with His ways, and it gives us the power to do so. Despite this good news of the gospel, men, in their unrighteousness, suppressed the truth. Although they knew God, they did not honor God. ...

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