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Moving To A Better House

No, I’m not moving to a better house. I want to share with you a blog post ...

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Prayer for Spirit-Transformed Lives

In preparation for our first-week-of-the-month prayer meeting on Wednesday, I thought I would prime the pump a bit by offering the following prayer that is focused on our individual and corporate sanctification. Since the mission of our church is 'To bring glory to God through Spirit-transformed lives by the beauty and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ', it only makes se...

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Speaking of Love....Speaking in Love

This is the week in February that love is celebrated and expressed through the gifts of flowers and cards. However, for various reasons, many people feel a bit left out of the celebration, so I would like us to think together about a love that includes all of us - a love that is more profound than the words expressed in a Hallmark card - a love that changes us and calls us...

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New Covenant Counseling Ministry – Under Construction

If you've lived in this area very long, you know that there are really only two seasons in Chicago, the winter season and road construction season. Well, this week I'd like to announce something else under construction – the New Covenant Counseling Ministry....

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