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What The Bible Teaches About Crossing Cultures

As our neighborhoods, schools and workplaces become more and more ethnically diverse, how should we respond? What cues can we as believers take from Scripture that will make us more ethnic friendly and winsome?...

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International Day for the Unreached: Re-Igniting the Church's Passion for the Lost

One of Christ’s most emphatic directives to His followers was a call to carry His message to the ends of the earth, an admonition to be fulfilled before He returns. ...

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Do We Need To Rescue Others?

There is an older hymn that begins with the words, “Rescue the perishing, care for the dying…” My ...

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Creation Care & Taking Care of the Gospel

Here is my concern, and hopefully yours. If we infuse the “gospel” with good and compelling yet secondary causes, we loose the essence of what the gospel primarily is ...

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The Personal Persistent Presence Of Jesus

We live in challenging times. The other day I was listening to a talk show while driving when a caller asked the host, “What should I be more concerned about-Ebola or ISIS?” Fifty years ago,before the acceleration of worldwide inter-connectedness, that would have been a mute question....

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