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Behold Your King Is Coming- Sermon Notes


Click here to listen to the sermon: Behold Your King Is Coming To You

I. Rejoice greatly … because your King is coming to you | v. 9

“We see that Christ comes not to terrify, to drive, and oppress, but to help and to take for himself our heavy load. He comes. You do not seek him; he seeks you. You do not find him; he finds you. [His] preachers come from him, not from you, and their preaching comes from him and not from you. Your faith comes, not from you, but from him.”
-Martin Luther

II. Rejoice greatly...because of what your King is coming to do | vv. 10-17

Application -

Experience the good of the King’s mission
Imitate the grace of the King’s manner

“The coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Scepter of God's Majesty, was in no pomp of pride and haughtiness—as it could so well have been—but in self-abasement. . . . You see, dear friends, what an example we have been given. If the Lord humbled himself in this way, what ought we to do who through him have come under the yoke of his grace?"
-Clement of Rome, 1st century

“It is humility that will conquer the world for Christ. It is gentleness that will overcome the forces of evil. It is meekness that will triumph over the powers, authorities, and principalities of this dark world. It is even weakness that will emerge as the possessor of true strength."
-Bryan Gregory