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Discipleship Resources

Sometimes it seems that there is an infinite amount of Christian resources and Bible study tools available to us today. I just wanted to pass along three tools that I have found helpful in different settings. These could be useful in your own devotional time or in discipleship relationships that you have.

Look At The Book
John Piper leads these videos that are generally about ten minutes long. In each video he takes a passage of Scripture (usually a few verses) and shows how to trace the flow of thought in the passage to better understand the meaning and application. Watching these videos will help you understand the particular passage that he is covering, but it also helps equip you to know how to read and understand the Bible better on your own.

Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples
This discipleship material was written by David Platt and Francis Chan. It’s all free online or you can also download it as a free app on your mobile device if you search for “Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples.” You can read or listen to the audio of each chapter. They also have a video with each chapter to help equip those who will be leading the discussions. I have used this material in one on one discipleship relationships, and right now, my Care Group is working through this together. There are 24 chapters that fit into the following 5 sections.
Part 1: Living as a Disciple Maker
Part 2: Living as the Church
Part 3: How to Study the Bible
Part 4: Understanding the Old Testament
Part 5: Understanding the New Testament

The Bible Project-
This organization is creating videos to help people understand biblical theology. They have some videos that give an overview of the theology of a certain book of the Bible, and they have other videos that trace a theme through the Bible (atonement, messiah, holiness, etc). I have shown a couple of these in the youth group, and have found them very helpful.