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Introducing Our New NCBC Treasurer


Recently a valued corporate officer of our church, Dan Campbell, decided it was time for him to step down as our treasurer where he served faithfully and excellently for the past 8 years. We want to thank him for all his hard work and for a job well done for so long. Dan is still serving in his valued position as deacon here at NCBC.

As we considered who would be an appropriate replacement for Dan, it became obvious to us that considering the qualifications, the overwhelming choice for the elders was Rick DeMott. The timing seemed to be perfect, as he recently retired from a successful career with Liberty Mutual Insurance Co.

Regarding the choice of a new Treasurer, our NCBC Constitution States:
Treasurer (Section 9.6)
The Elder Council will appoint the Church Treasurer. The Church Treasurer shall meet the spiritual qualifications of a deacon (9.1) (although not required to attend all Deacon meetings) and be a member with the appropriate skills in the area of finance.

Rick was approached and interviewed by the elders, after which he was unanimously approved. Rick has now graciously agreed to serve as our new Treasurer.

A little bit about Rick, for those who do not know him or know him well. Rick has been with New Covenant since it’s inception in 2010. He formerly attended Fox Valley Bible Church since 1998.
He served as a deacon for 9 years, and as secretary for that group for most of that time.

Rick has also sung in the choir and served on worship teams, and currently serves on the security team at NCBC. Rick has been married to his wife, Ginny, for 40 years. He has two grown children and 3 grandchildren.

Rick will be working with Donna Strand in the office and with the elder finance sub-committee to oversee offerings, accounts payable, budget preparation, financial reporting and vendor vetting and selection.

Rick will be formally introduced to the congregation at our next congregational meeting in October. We are blessed to have such a godly and qualified man to serve in this capacity. Please make him feel welcome in his new role.