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Now That We Are God's Friends


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"Now That We Are God's Friends"

Notes from the Slides

“The cross is the ‘place’ where the great Creator God overshadows the chaos and darkness of human sin, and speaks the mighty word of power that brings forth light and life for men. It is there that light breaks in upon the darkness of their lives, there that grace touches sightless eyes, opening them to see the loveliness of Christ, there that mercy opens the prison door and puts a royal pardon in their hands.”
-James Philip

The Cross Chart (from World Harvest Mission, adapted by Mike Graham)

“We have no right to be uncertain or joyless.
To be certain is not presumption
and to be joyless is not being humble.”
-Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Now that we are God’s friends, we should never be insecure | vv. 9-10

“If Christ died for us when we were sinners, will he not save us now that he has made us saints? If, when we were condemned, he redeemed us, will he not preserve us now that we are justified? This is a strong plea for the final perseverance and ultimate salvation of all believers.
Were his enemies redeemed? Shall not his friends be kept? Did he love those who were still far off? Will he not love those who are brought near, and love us even to the end?... Does he make us his friends, intending afterwards to destroy us? Perish the thought!” -Charles Spurgeon

Now that we are God’s friends, we should always rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ | v. 11