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The Fear of the Lord and the Cross of Christ

John Brown (1851):

Nothing is so well fitted to put the fear of God—which will preserve men from offending him—into the heart, as an enlightened view of the cross of Christ.

There shines

  • spotless holiness,
  • inflexible justice,
  • incomprehensible wisdom,
  • omnipotent power,
  • holy love.

None of these excellencies darken or eclipse the other, but every one of them rather gives a lustre to the rest.

They mingle their beams, and shine with united eternal splendor:

  • the just Judge,
  • the merciful Father,
  • the wise Governor.

Nowhere does

  • justice appear so awful,
  • mercy so amiable, or
  • wisdom so profound.

HT: Jerry Bridges, The Joy of Fearing God, via David Sunday