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The State Of The Church


One Service, Lunch, and Communion
Sunday, January 29 | 10:00am–2:00pm

Please note that Sunday, January 29, will be one service at 10 AM.

Do you ever wish you knew more about what God is doing at New Covenant Bible Church and how you can be more meaningfully involved in the life of our community?

Would you like to get to know some of the new people who have joined our church family in this past year?

Do you ever wonder, “How is our church doing financially? And what happens with the money that is placed in the offering plates each week?”

Have you ever missed a Members’ Meeting and thought, “Oh, I meant to attend, but forgot!” Or, “I’ll go next time!” Or—be honest!—have you ever thought, “Members’ Meetings are boring, and it’s really not that important for me to attend?” Don’t worry, we understand—probably every one of us has thought that at one time or another!

As elders, we want to do the very best job we can communicating with you about the good things God is doing, the burdens we need to be bearing together, and the hopes we have for the future of this church. So this year, instead of doing our Winter Members’ Meeting on a Sunday evening (as previously announced), we have decided to devote Sunday, January 29 to a STATE OF THE CHURCH SUNDAY. We are doing this very intentionally to gather as many people as we possibly can into an encouraging, informative, and worshipful time of thanksgiving, intercession, and edifying instruction about the past, present, and future state of New Covenant Bible Church.

Here’s what you need to know about the STATE OF THE CHURCH SUNDAY:

  • There will be one worship service at 10:00 am on Sunday, January 29.
  • This worship service will include songs of praise & thanksgiving, prayer, the reading of Scripture, testimonies, financial reports, snapshots of ministry activities, and exhortations from each of our pastors.
  • The atmosphere of this gathering will be more relaxed and informal than most Sunday morning worship services. Coffee will be widely available, as well as some refreshments for youth and children. Dress will be comfortable and laid-back (yes, Pastor Sunday will be wearing jeans!). You will be encouraged to get up and move around. No one will be required to sit still and be quiet for a prolonged period of time. The meeting will last for two hours...and believe me, you will enjoy every minute!
  • The meeting will be followed by a Fellowship Lunch in the gymnasium. There will be plenty of room for everyone. The church will cater in an assortment of delicious soups (a perfect meal for a cold winter day!). You will have the opportunity to contribute by bringing desserts.
  • Our Fellowship Lunch will include Communion around the tables in the gymnasium, reminding us that all we are and all we ever hope to be flows from the great salvation that God accomplished for us through the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to be a church on gospel mission until our Savior-King returns to fully establish his eternal Kingdom!

We want to assure you, dear church family, that our shepherding of you brings deep and consistent joy to us. And we want every one of you to be deeply engaged in the life of this congregation so we can all share in this joy together. So please, make it a high priority to participate in the State of the Church Sunday on January 29 with glad and joyful hearts!

On behalf of our elders,

Pastor David Sunday