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We're Grateful for Faithful Servants

Dear New Covenant Family,

This past Lord’s Day was full of joy as we celebrated God’s work in the lives of several different people in our church family:

  • Steve & Marlayna Pence have completed a year’s service in Bogota, Colombia, and they reported with very evident enthusiasm about all they’ve learned and experienced. Pray for them as they prepare to return for another year.
  • Joseph & Bethany Szobody spent their last Lord’s Day with us prior to their move to North Carolina. We held back tears as we celebrated the ways the Szobodys have served Fox Valley Bible Church & New Covenant Bible Church, and Pastor Huff gave a whimsical and meaningful tribute to Joseph for his ministry of music—I’ve never seen such a creative use of broken piano strings!
  • We prayed for the safe return of the Honduras Team, and that prayer was answered Monday night as we welcomed them home with their happy faces and their hearts full of unforgettable experiences—most notably, they saw an example of sacrificial service for the advancement of the gospel through the lives of Matthew & Jennifer Allen and their children, and the biblical leadership of Pastor Melvin Zelaya. We praise God for the good work he has done, and give special thanks to Pastor Dan Leeper for his dedication to making this trip such a life-changing experience for our youth and the adults who joined them.
  • We saw some of the fruit of evangelism & discipleship in the baptisms of Juan & Erika Luna, Brandon & Carie Prospal, Ryan Larsen, and Wade Woodhouse on Sunday evening. To God be the glory for making us, who were dead in our trespasses and sins, alive together with Christ!
  • Finally, we gave thanks to God for the good and faithful service of Ginny DeMott. Ginny has served Fox Valley Bible Church and New Covenant Bible Church as one of the administrative staff for a total of 11 ½ years. Throughout that time, she has demonstrated a profound love for the Body of Christ and a commitment to showing excellence in all that she does. I have found it personally encouraging to work with Ginny as she has exhibited genuine care & compassion for God’s people during the momentous transition that took place when two churches joined together to form one new congregation for the glory of Christ in this region. We will miss Ginny in the church office, but we’re so grateful that she & Rick will continue to be wholeheartedly involved in the fellowship and ministry of New Covenant Bible Church. Please join me in expressing your appreciation to Ginny DeMott for her dedication to the work of our church.


As Ginny completes her service here on Thursday, Reba Gordon and Donna Strand will be working together to manage the administrative responsibilities in the office.

Reba functions as the administrative assistant to the pastors. She is the one who can help you connect with any member of the pastoral staff. She also oversees the prayer list, the weekly church bulletin, the newsletter, and other communications. Generally when you call the church office on Mondays through Thursdays, 8:30-4:00, Reba will be the person you hear answering the phone—and she will always be eager and glad to assist you.

Donna functions as the church business administrator. She handles all the bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities of our growing church. Additionally, Donna is the first contact person related to our church facilities, the church calendar, and special events. You can reach Donna in the church office Monday through Friday, 9:00-5:00; as always, she takes joy in serving the Body of Christ.

I rejoice in the many ways the Body of Christ at New Covenant is working together to build each other up in love. May we continue to bring glory to God, through Spirit-transformed lives, by the beauty and power of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Yours, and His, by grace alone,

David Sunday