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Why Aren't Our Prayer Meetings Full?


In the midst of a very divisive election year, with all of the issues surrounding world events and candidate qualifications, we can become quite outraged at the state of our culture today. One thing many people do is talk a lot about what is wrong. But what is the strategy for doing anything about these things? People are challenged by healthy public discourse, but is this really all we can do?

If we really believe that God is sovereign over all these things, and has told us to cast our burdens on Him, then where are the public prayer meetings by God's people? Here is a link to an article by Erik Raymond that should give us pause, but also peace and direction as we work through these important issues and questions.

If We Are So Burdened Then Why Aren't the Prayer Meetings Full?

As we desire to be not only hearers, but doers, may God continue to grow participation in this vitally important spiritual resource.

Pastor Dan Huff