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Behold Our God!

Behold Our God!

        Have you ever wanted to read through the whole Bible, but ended up getting stuck in Leviticus or Numbers?
        Do you want to understand better what Jesus meant when he said of the Old Testament scriptures, "They testify of me"? (John 5:39).
        Are you eager to get a better grasp on the grand storyline that ties the whole Bible together, so that you can better unpack for others the rich treasures of God's Word?
        I am excited about what lies before us as a church.  Beginning September 4, we will launch a fifteen-month preaching series called Behold Our God that will take us from Genesis through Revelation. At the same time, we are encouraging the entire body at New Covenant to read through the entire Bible chronologically. Together we are going to experience the power of God's Word as we read through and discuss the many different parts of Scripture. As we approach this adventure in faith, we know that the Living Word, our Lord Jesus Christ, will be present with us through His Spirit, transforming our lives by the beauty and power of the gospel.

        There are several ways you can benefit from this church-wide initiative:

1.     Begin reading through the Bible the week of September 4.
        A Bible reading program is going to be available in church this Sunday. We will be moving through the Scriptures chronologically, so we can see how the Prophets fit with the Historical Books, how the Psalms connect with the life of King David, how the Letters of the Apostles relate to the Acts of the Apostles, and how the history of redemption unfolds with ever increasing clarity until it reaches its culmination in Jesus, the Light of the World.
        This plan is based on six days of reading per week. Each reading takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Breaks along the way during Advent and the season leading up to Easter will allow time to catch up. You can even read or listen to the Bible online by following this link to YouVersion:

2.  Attend a class during the Fall.
        During the Fall (beginning September 11), both the adult and youth Sunday morning classes will be using George Guthrie's curriculum entitled "Read the Bible for Life." This course is designed with a three-fold objective:

1. To help you learn how to read the Bible in all its various parts more effectively and consistently;

2. To help you learn how to apply Scripture faithfully and specifically to your life;

3 .To help you grow in your delight in God's Word.

        In addition to the Sunday morning classes, the Women's Bible Studies are going to creatively complement the Bible reading initiative in an engaging way. Please stop by the information table in the foyer to learn more about getting involved in one of these studies. You'll know it's the Women's Bible Study table by how beautifully it's decorated!

3.  Join a CareGroup.
        At the heart of our ministry philosophy at New Covenant Bible Church is the priority of CareGroup ministry. This is where every member of the Body seeks to be an instrument in God's redeeming hands to convey grace and truth to one another.
        If you're not presently in a CareGroup, this Fall would be a great time to join. The discussions in the CareGroups will center around the truths we are encountering through the public and private ministry of God’s Word. Come and share what you are learning, how you are struggling, and why the Bible is precious to you. Pastor Dave DeHaan would be happy to connect you to a CareGroup if you email him at

4.  Come to worship with a hungry heart.
        The sermons over the next fifteen months will focus on the character of God as He reveals Himself progressively to His people from the beginning to the end of the Bible story. Most of the sermons will closely align with where we’re at in the Bible reading plan. We will be exploring passages of Scripture I've never preached on before, and you've probably heard little about—and we'll be taking a fresh look at many favorite passages, viewing them in light of the divine drama of redemption.
        Jesus said, "Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a master of a house, who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old" (Matt. 13:52). As God reveals to us treasures new and old, may our hearts burn within us as we "behold the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ" (2 Cor. 4:6).

Eager to embark on the journey with you,
David Sunday