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Fall Membership Meeting on September 27

Dear Church Family,

On Sept. 27 at 5:00 PM, Cindy McFarland, our missionary in Togo, West Africa, will be making a presentation in our evening service. Following the evening service, we will have a brief membership meeting for the purpose of affirming candidates for the office of deacon and elder.

Three men who are presently serving as elders are being recommended for reaffirmation to a three-year term:

Tim Axford
Dennis Freidel
Justin Taylor

Two men who are presently serving as deacons are being recommended for reaffirmation to a three-year term:

Dan Campbell
Wayne Gullickson

We are thankful for the sacrificial ministry of these brothers in Christ on behalf of our church. We also want to convey our appreciation to Rick DeMott who has served our congregation diligently as a deacon. Rick has requested some time-off from his diaconal role, so he won’t be renewing his term this year—but he may return at some point in the future. Let us give thanks to the Lord and to our brother for his labors of love in service to God’s people.

In addition, Jay Vanagas has agreed to be nominated as a new candidate for the office of deacon. Jay is married to Sherri, and together they are parenting Rachel, Grace, Nathan, and Bennett. They have been active members of New Covenant Bible Church since its inception. Here are a few questions we’ve asked Jay to help you get to know him better:

Vanagas Jay

How are you seeing the Holy Spirit transform you today through the beauty and power of the gospel?

The Holy Spirit ministers to me in many ways. Most recently he was showing me how I need to look to him in every situation. I was traveling and was overwhelmed by how God cares for me. He cares for me as much as he does the rest of the world. It may not seem like much, but it was calming to know that while I am one of his sons that has him living in my heart, he still loves the rest of the world.

How has New Covenant Bible Church been a means of grace to you and your family?

I am very pleased and very blessed being a part of NCBC. While I am fond of all areas of the church, there are two areas that come to mind that are very special. Our family is fortunate to serve in the Friendship class. My son just commented to his mother and I the other day on how special needs people are so much more expressive and friendly. I, along with my wife fully agreed and appreciate his comment. The second area I would comment on is the prayer meetings on Wednesday nights. I feel that the time I spend it prayer with that group refreshes me and equips me as I drink in the praises and petitions that are shared.

What are you looking forward to as you consider serving as a deacon in this church?

I am honored to be considered to be a deacon in the church that I attend. I have spoken to Sean Gallagher about the needs of the deacon board. I would look forward to working with the deacon board in any capacity that they would have me to serve. I am interested in mentoring and seeing if that area might be fostered in our church.


Members, please plan to worship with us at 5:00 PM on Sunday, Sept. 27, and join us for the brief membership meeting following the evening service.

Grateful for the Body of Christ,

Pastor David Sunday