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Archives for August 2013

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Better Is One Day In Your Courts

I may not know you very well, but I am confident I know at least one thing about you. Nehemiah 3 is not your favorite chapter in the Bible. Your lack of excitement for this portion of Scripture is not because you don’t believe it is the inspired and authoritative Word of God. No. Your ambivalent attitude about this text is simply owing to the fact that it is boring....

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Form & Freedom In Prayer

Most of us need all the help we can get when it comes to forming regular and meaningful habits of prayer. Let me tell you today about a few “disciplines of grace” that have been helpful to me....

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You Have Authority In Christ

In my sermon on Sunday I mentioned some of the schemes of Satan to prevent us from embracing our role in Christ's mission. I was reflecting on some insights that I had read in a book by Richard Lovelace. The blog article below captures in fuller detail what it means for us to exercise our authority in Christ over all the power of the enemy. May we stand firm in Christ's au...

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